Literacy Activities for Adults

Complete a literacy activity from this list. Put the number of the activity on a block in your Activity Log. Pick up a log at your library and join in the fun. You may do an activity as many times as you wish. Once your log is full, return to your local Sequoyah Regional Library to claim your prize. Prizes available while supplies last; limit one per adult.

  1. Attend a free movie program at the library.
  2. Ask a library staff member about the Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Service (GLASS)
  3. Look up your car in the Auto Repair Reference Center online using your library card.
  4. Read a book to a child.
  5. Attend an adult services program at your library.
  6. Read a book published the year you were born.
  7. Look up your grandparents in at the library. If you learned anything new – tell us. #SeqLib
  8. Download an eBook from Overdrive.
  9. Read the first book in a series.
  10. Attend an adult services program at a library branch that you have never been to before.
  11. Read a story by a Georgia author.
  12. Attend an outdoor event and take a selfie. #SeqLib
  13. Tell a friend that the local library offers free Wi-Fi to everyone!
  14. Check out a magazine from the library that you have never read before.
  15. Bring a child to a children’s summer program.
  16. Read a book with a main character of the opposite gender.
  17. Ask a staff member at your library about using Novelist Plus to find new authors.
  18. Check out a movie from your local library.
  19. Read an old newspaper on microfilm at the library.
  20. Listen to an audiobook in Overdrive.
  21. Check out a puzzle from the library and have a puzzle night with friends/family.
  22. Read a book that has an animal on the cover that is NOT a dog or cat.
  23. Learn how to say, “Hello, how are you?” in a new language using Mango Languages.
  24. Read a book that is set in two different time periods.
  25. Ask about and check out a STEAM kit.
  26. Check out the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites Park Pass 2017 and visit a state park.
  27. Read a news story online and look for a second source to verify it.
  28. Research a question that you had about your health using Galileo online.
  29. Read a book that was published in another language and translated to English.
  30. Use the Gale Legal Forms Library to make up a will for an imaginary friend.
  31. Read a book from a display at your library.
  32. Visit all eight libraries in the Sequoyah Regional Library System including the Law Library in Canton.
  33. Pick a place that you have always wanted to visit. Read a book about that place!
  34. Read a Young Adult book from the teen section.
  35. Check out the Georgia public libraries family pass to the Michael C. Carlos Museum.
  36. Buy a used book at your local library and read it.
  37. Ask a library staff member about TumbleBooks.
  38. Read a book and watch a movie based on it.
  39. Share a post from the Sequoyah Regional Library’s Facebook page with your friends.
  40. Read a book set in the future.
  41. Have a game night with family/friends.
  42. Read a book with royalty in it, real or imaginary.
  43. Create a list of your 10 favorite books and share it with the Adult Services Coordinator at your library.
  44. Read a Georgia Peach Book Award book published in the last five years.
  45. Learn how to use Instagram – post a picture with a library book and tag us! #SeqLib
  46. Read a book club book and attend the meeting at one of our branches.
  47. Check out the Georgia Public Library Passport to Puppetry and visit The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.
  48. Write a book review using less than 50 words but more than 25.
  49. Read a how-to book and complete an activity/project from it.
  50. Read a book that you bought on a trip.

Printable -Literacy Activities for Adults