Literacy Activities for Children First Grade through Fifth Grade


Complete a literacy activity from this list. Put the number of the activity on a block in your Activity Log. Pick up a log at your library and join in the fun. You may do an activity as many times as you wish. Once your log is full, return to your local Sequoyah Regional Library to claim your prize. Prizes available while supplies last; limit two logs per child.


  1. Read for 20 minutes.
  2. Attend a library program.
  3. Create a list of your 10 favorite books and share it with your librarian.
  4. Read the first book in a series.
  5. Write a new ending for a story you have read or a movie you have seen.
  6. Act out a book or movie with a friend or family member.
  7. Read a book your mom or dad read when they were your age.
  8. Draw a picture of the main character of a book you’ve read.
  9. Read a book that is based on a true story.
  10. Plan an outing! (Cost, date/time of departure and return, items to bring, etc.)
  11. Read a book with someone’s name in the title.
  12. Write a bucket list of activities that you think would make a perfect summer.
  13. Read a book that includes a character that has a job you would like to have when you grow up.
  14. Read outside.
  15. Check out a book on display at your library.
  16. Read a book with the main character of the opposite gender.
  17. Draw a picture based on the title of a book.
  18. Read a book that takes place in another country other than the United States.
  19. Read a book aloud to someone.
  20. Take a nature walk and keep a journal of your observations.
  21. Read a book that has a color in the title.
  22. Cook a recipe from a cookbook.
  23. Read a book a friend has recommended.
  24. Read under the kitchen table.
  25. Learn about a place that you would like to go to and make a brochure about it.
  26. Read to your pet.
  27. Read with an accent.
  28. Read in the bathtub – no water, just blankets and pillows.
  29. Read a book you love AGAIN!
  30. Read a whole page of a book backward.
  31. Help someone at home write a grocery list and help shop for those items.
  32. Turn out the lights and read by flashlight.
  33. Make up a story while riding in the car with someone.
  34. Write a poem about a character in a book you have read.
  35. Read a comic strip from the newspaper or online, and write/draw a sequel to it before the next publication.
  36. Read a book on myON, and rate it when finished:
  37. Download a book from Overdrive. See your librarian for details.
  38. Read a newspaper article or a current event online and then make a “who, what, when, where, why” quiz with answers.
  39. Write a book recommendation for a friend.
  40. Read a graphic novel.
  41. Read a nonfiction book and share two facts you learned with a family member or friend.
  42. Select a picture book. You read a page and someone at home reads a page. Take turns throughout the book.
  43. Make a stand-up display of people and/or objects from a book you have read.
  44. Create artwork to match a scene from a book.
  45. Make a crossword puzzle.
  46. Draw the beginning, middle, and end of a story.
  47. Make a Venn diagram comparing two books or two authors.
  48. Create a shadowbox and fill it with items related to a book you have read.
  49. Make a PowerPoint about a book you have read.
  50. Create a board game and play it with a friend/family member.
  51. Create a book jacket for a book.
  52. Read a biography and share what you learned with a friend.
  53. Read a sports book and play the game.
  54. Take a selfie of your favorite book and bring it the library.
  55. Write an interview for the main character of a book.
  56. Write a summary of a story from any character’s point of view.
  57. Record a “commercial” about a book on a cell phone and send to us at:
  58. Research a new hobby using books, magazines, or the internet.
  59. Learn three new facts about a pet you own or want to own.
  60. Read an article (online or magazine) about a sport that interests you.
  61. Learn three new facts about a music star you like and share with a friend.
  62. Read a GA Picture Book or Chapter Book Award nominee from any year.
  63. Read an article (online or magazine) about any topic that interests you and tell a family member what you learned.
  64. Look up the nutrition information about a food you like and tell a family member what you learned.
  65. Blog about a book you have read this summer.
  66. Play a word game while riding in the car.
  67. Research three new facts about an author you like.
  68. Write a poem about anything that inspires you.
  69. Memorize a poem and recite it in front of your family.
  70. Read to someone in a nursing home or hospital.
  71. Research a sports star. Share what you have learned with a friend/family.
  72. Make a puppet or puppets for a story you have read.
  73. Do a puppet show for friends/family.
  74. Read a joke book then do your best stand-up comedy show for friends/family.
  75. Check out a book from the 793.8 section to learn a magic trick or card trick and show a friend/family.
  76. Visit a museum, zoo, farmer’s market, aquarium, state park, or festival.
  77. Read a book about someone from a different culture or another time period.
  78. Create your own comic strip at
  79. Create a new game to play outside and play it with your family or friends.
  80. Play a board game with your family and read the directions.
  81. Read a book from another country.
  82. Read a book by a Georgia author.
  83. Read a book set in the future.
  84. Read on a swing.
  85. Read two books by the same author.
  86. Write a short story about your favorite video game/character.
  87. Read a news item with an adult and discuss.
  88. Read a book over 50 years old.
  89. What do you like to do on rainy days? Write about what you like to do.
  90. Read a book and then watch its movie.
  91. Re-write your favorite fairytale with a different ending.
  92. Write a letter to a relative.
  93. Write down your last dream.
  94. Would you rather live on a farm or in a castle? Write about why you would like to live in the place you picked.
  95. Make a map from your house to a friend’s house.
  96. Listen to an audio book.
  97. Finish a book series.
  98. Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name.
  99. Think of a literacy activity not on this list and share with your children’s librarian.
  100. Turn in your summer reading challenge and tell the librarian what your favorite activity was.


Printable-Literacy Activities for Children First Grade through Fifth Grade